• CANADA GET TOGETHER DATED 08th November 2015
    A gala get together was organised @ Canada. Majority of the OBSSAns were gathered. Mr. L. H. Patel was also a part of Get together. Photographs were sent to whatts app. It seems they had lots of fun...... Hail O....B.....S.....S....A.......!
    1. Jamnagar Chapter, OBSSAns organised a get together at a beautiful farm belonging to a spirited OBSSAn, Mr. Harvijaysinh Chudasama on 31st October 2015 evening.
    2. Office Bearers were cordially invited by Regional Secretary, Mr. Sanjay Kankhara and the following attended......
    (a) Mr. Umang Patel President OBSSA (b) Mr. Minesh Engineer Secretary OBSSA (c) Col. H.S.Limbachia Vice President OBSSA (d) Mr. Jayant Patel Treasurer OBSSA
    3. It was a memorable evening full of fun & joy. The families of Jamnagar OBSSAns added to the fun & frolic. Lovely, traditional music made everyone take the floor for "GARBA". The ideal weather made it even more enjoyable. The OBSSANs let their hair down and broke all the age and suchlike barriers and revelled to the utmost. The children really put their heart in dancing and singing thereby making the gathering even more enchanting.
    4. The dinner was as sumptuous as it was traditional ans of course, vegetarian.
    5. We parted company and settled down for the night. The office bearers were accommodated under arrangement Mr. Harvijaysinh Chudasama. The breakfast on 01 Nov. 2015 was hosted by Me. Jayesh Patel (1080), another spirited OBSSAn. Mrs. Patel was a fantastic hostess in offering the offic bearers a piping hot breakfast.
    6. VISIT TO SSB : Our next agenda on the cards was paying a visit to SSB and meeting the Principal. The office bearers along with some other OBSSA members visited the SSB Principal on 01 Nov. 2015 from 11.00 AM to 11.40 AM. The main point of meeting was regarding OBSSAns visiting the School. Our proposal was to allow OBSSA members to visit the School on second & fourth weekends and out of state ex-students be permitted on other days as well. The principal asked for some time to confer with his staff and intimate as at a later date.
    7. Construction of Auditorium : The Principal is preparing a statement of case to have an auditorium constructed at SSB. The capacity of the auditorium is to be 1000 seats. He has suggested that OBSSA push forward the proposal with the Gujarat Government by exercising their power and help the School.
  • Forthcoming Executive committee Meeting
    The meeting of the Executive Committee was held @ L. D. Engineering College on 24th October 2015 & the next meeting is decided to be held @ Bhavnagar Region on 13th December 2015 (Sunday), 1030 hrs to 1330 hrs. All the E.C. Members are requested to take a note of this & kindly make themselves convenient to be a part of Bhavnagar meeting.
  • Rehabilitation of Mr.Yogin Desai
    Today we have visited " Jalaram Old age home" at Pij , near Nadiad to rehabilitate Mr.Yogin Desai(39). It is really wonderful & peaceful place.. We will get the admission approval within very short time. Mr Yogin Desai will be back to social life after 20 years.. Requesting all to visit him whenever you pass from Nadiad. Let us all wish him a peaceful & enjoyable life ahead...


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